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merci for being you.

merci: a word that is said around the world.

First born in Germany in 1965, the merci idea found its way straight into people’s hearts – eventually becoming the first gift chocolate with which to really say a special thank you: sticks of chocolate individually wrapped in gold packaging and in a fine selection of the most popular varieties.

As early as 1966 people in Austria could also say thank you from the bottom of their heart with merci. Today, merci is offered as a gift on every continent, in over 100 countries around the world.

In 1994 merci Crocant, a crunchy chocolate speciality with fine crocant, was added to the merci portfolio.

And since 1995, merci has also been offering its most popular flavours as individually wrapped miniatures:
merci Petits. Special moments, pure delight.

  • From the heart: merci

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