Follow us throughout more than 100 years of Storck‘s history and its confectionary brands. Experience interesting moments and important milestones within the company’s history through many historical pictures.


August Storck

August Storck (also known as August Oberwelland) founds the Werther’s Sugar Confectionery Factory. „The purpose of this company is to manufacture all kinds of confectionery products by hand.” He begins with three employees, a cooking kettle and a panning kettle. Soon he is supplying all of East Westphalia with sugar confectionery products.


The company grows

The company grows, now employs a dozen people, and is already supplying a large part of Westphalia.


The First World War

The First World War from 1914-1918 destroys any further development, and it takes a long time to recover from the consequences of the war.


The second generation takes over

The first time the next generation takes over: Hugo Oberwelland, the youngest of three sons, takes over control of the factory from his seriously ill father.

In the meantime, over 200 varieties of candies are being produced.


The first branded candy

The entire production of over 200 sweet, colorful and unbranded candies are pushed aside to make room for one single variety: the “Storck 1 Pfennig RIESEN” – each piece is individually wrapped with its name, the company’s name and price printed on it. The first brand-name candy in Germany was born!


Storck RIESEN is a great success

Storck RIESEN grows by leaps and bounds! As demand increases, so does the number of employees: to 71. In the meantime Storck is delivering to all of Germany, and production is no longer measured in 50 kilogram increments, but in tons - 1,170 in this year.


New factory in Schötmar

A branch is founded in the town of Schötmar.

1,680 tons of Storck RIESEN are produced. However, just one year later, the Second World War buries all hopes and all projects.


A new beginning in Halle, Westphalia

A new beginning – in every sense of the word! A completely new production facility is established in Halle, Westphalia. It is a factory surrounded by countryside - bigger, more modern, future oriented, which is unique for its time.
The factory, which was planned for an ever-growing range of products, is expanded in the following years to include centralized production and administration, a caramel production hall that is 100 meters long with its own tracks connecting it to the German railway system, and a condensed milk and glucose syrup factory.


Productivity bonuses are introduced

Productivity bonuses are introduced for all employees, long before unions and trade associations adopt this idea.


The market leader for candies

Beginning of the years of the German economic miracle: the new currency- the German mark - accelerates all hopes of recovery. Storck rapidly grows to 373 employees and 70 outside sales people. Production of sugar confectionery grows up to 15,000 tons.


The export era begins

The age of export begins: particularly Storck’s filled candies are highly desired. The main markets are the USA, Sweden and Hong Kong. In addition, there are licenses for many Storck products in Italy, France and Austria.

More than 100 outside sales people provide for the company’s sales.



Mamba - the fun fruit chew candy – is introduced in the German market.


Chocolate production begins

Storck takes on new challenges: chocolate production begins in one of the most modern plants in Germany. Thanks to its own milk production, Storck is able to produce high-quality chocolates with fresh cream. The daily production climbs to 150 tons of confectionery.


Social benefits

Storck is also ahead of its time when it comes to social benefits: Storck introduces reduced working time without reduced pay for all employees – 20 years before the rest of the industry.


Klaus Oberwelland

Klaus Oberwelland, 23 years young, takes over responsibility for the areas “Markets and Marketing” from his father, Hugo Oberwelland.



The era of more big brands begins: the spectacular new product, nimm2 – the first candy with vitamins, becomes Germany’s best-sold candy and maintains this position for decades. Today, nimm2 is successful in more than 40 countries.


Storck international

Storck establishes its first foreign sales company in Austria.



Storck surprises the world with a completely new chocolate product: merci, a selection of finest chocolates, which makes the perfect little thank-you gift. Not the traditional bar of chocolate, merci comes as bite-sized, individually-wrapped pieces. What a novelty! merci rapidly becomes Germany’s number one gift-giving chocolate and has maintained this position for years. Today, people in more than 100 countries say „merci, for being you!“.



An innovation in moulding technology makes it possible to produce candies that have never existed before: crystal clear, transparent and wonderfully smooth. Campino comes and conquers the German market with its delicious fruit varieties. In 1970, the brand achieves sales of 3,600 tons, a sensational level for those times.

The German trade newspaper “Die Lebensmittelzeitung“ awards Storck with the prize „Goldener Zuckerhut“ in honor of being an especially successful company in the food industry.


New factory in Berlin

Storck opens a new chocolate factory in Berlin. 3,200 tons are produced in the first year. The total number of Storck employees rises to 970.


Werther's Original

„It all began in the year 1909 in the beautiful little village of Werther. There the confectioner Gustav Nebel took fresh cream, real butter and lots and lots of time to create his best hard candy: Werther´s Echte.“ Based on this unique recipe and nearly 70 years of experience producing caramels, the brand becomes more and more successful. “Werther´s Echte“ is internationally renamed in 1998 to be called “Werther´s Original“. It is a brand that has captured consumer’s hearts like no other. Through its successful story of grandfather and grandson, it has brought generations together.

Today, Werther´s Original is sold in more than 100 countries and it is Stork’s most successful brand worldwide.


The third generation takes over

Hugo Oberwelland hands over total responsibility of the successful company to his son, Klaus Oberwelland, who began his extensive training for this role in 1955, both in Germany and abroad. Storck produces and sells 44.000 tons of confectionery products in this year.


New corporate logo

With a new logo in another successful Storck age.



There's so much fun in Toffifee - a great way to treat the whole family. A crunchy whole hazelnut in a chewy caramel cup with a delicious hazelnut filling and a chocolate button on top - a combination that's perfect for every taste. With Toffifee a unique product was born. Its popularity quickly spread, and today, it is loved by young and old alike in more than 100 countries.


Storck international

A Sales company is founded in the Netherlands: STORCK BV.


The company pens program

Storck introduces its own company pension program for employees - considerably earlier than the rest of the industry.


Storck international

STORCK USA, L.P. is founded in Chicago, Illinois.


The employee profit sharing program

Storck celebrates its 75th anniversary: competent employees and successful brands make Storck one of the leading companies in the industry.

The “Storck-Mitarbeiter-Beteiligungsgesellschaft”, a separate company that manages the employee profit-sharing program, is established: when joining the company in Germany, all employees automatically share in the economic success of the company.

The total number of employees rises to 1,600.

High-bay warehouse

In Halle, Westphalia, a new high-bay warehouse is built with room for almost 20,000 pallets.


Storck international

STORCK B.V.B.A. in Antwerp, Belgium is established.


Storck takes over Dickmann company

Storck realizes the potential of quality foam kisses and takes over “Dickmann”. With the entry into a new market segment for Storck the development into branded product.



Knoppers - the new milk and hazelnut wafer with wholesome ingredients, makes „Mornings at half past nine in Germany” an accepted phrase in the German language. All over Germany, “The Morning Munch“ rapidly enjoys increasing popularity.


Super Dickmann‘s

Storck a major new brand emerges: Super Dickmann's in the fresh are here!

Quality and freshness are an absolute necessity! This is achieved by using high-quality raw materials and by introducing the specially-developed fresh-box.


Super Dickmann‘s

„Men, they are Dickmann!“ is what both the advertising copy and enthusiastic consumers scream. This is how a brand becomes an undisputed market leader - right from the start.


Storck international

The STORCK (SCHWEIZ) GMBH is established in Zurich, Switzerland.


Bendicks of Mayfair

Bendicks of Mayfair, England’s highly traditional producer of quality chocolates and the official chocolate manufacturer for the Royal Family, becomes a subsidiary of the Storck Group.

Along with the purchase of the British mint brand Bendicks of Mayfair, thus increasing its brand portfolio and strengthening its overall position in the British market.



The legendary Storck RIESEN experiences a comeback: covered in rich, dark chocolate, they are known from now on as “Storck Chocolate RIESEN”. They are advertised with the campaign “Mrs. Lange and little Michael.”


The Berlin Wall falls

Storck is one of the first German companies to set up its own field offices in former East Germany.


Storck international

STORCK IBERICA S.L.U. is established in Barcelona, Spain.



Mini-Dickmann's - „the little ones for the big ones“ - becomes yet another Storck success in the market.


Storck international

STORCK DANMARK A/S is established in BrØndby, Denmark.



The charitable foundation, „The Stork Foundation - Störche für unsere Kinder“, is born. Its commitment is to secure the life and survival of the white stork and to spread the idea of stork preservation.


New factory in Ohrdruf, Thüringen

A new plant in the former East German town of Ohrdruf, Thuringia: In record time, Storck’s third German production facility is erected. It is very modern, expandable and primarily intended for the manufacturing of chocolate specialties.


Storck international

STORCK Travel Retail LTD., a company that deals exclusively with the international Duty-Free business, is founded in Gloucestershire, England.

In the meantime, Storck has its own sales and marketing companies in Belgium, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and the USA. The Middle East and South East Asia are focused on as new markets.

The number of employees has increased to 3,300.


merci Crocant

A new specialty now serves those who love chocolate and crunchy delight: merci Crocant. A crispy hazelnut brittle, refined with almonds and cream and coated with delicious merci chocolate.


Modern logistics center

A modern logistic center is provided in Halle (Westphalia) completed.

There are up to 52,000 pallets stocked on call. From here take the brands make their way into the world. Within Europe is supplied in a 24-hour service.


Small, exquisite and merci Pur

The most popular flavours of merci Finest Selection now come in small, individually wrapped bite sizes in a mono-sorted bag. The perfect delight to indulge oneself.


Storck international

Storck steps into a new world with the establishment of STORCK ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD., in Singapore.


nimm2 Lachgummi

New nimm2 Lachgummi becomes the first fruit gum in Germany containing vitamins. The premium fruit gum with all the goodness of nimm2 - fruit juice, vitamins and a lot of fun!


Storck international

Storck establishes its own sales company in Russia: OOO STORCK in Moscow.


Storck international

Poland, too, gets its own sales company: STORCK SP. Z O.O. in Warsaw.


New structures

Storck gives itself a new globally oriented organizational structure by centralizing its executive management, marketing and sales in Berlin.


Storck international

Storck now with its own company in Sweden: STORCK SVERIGE AB in Stockholm.


Storck international

Storck is now also represented in Canada and Hungary through its own sales companies: STORCK CANADA INC. in Toronto, Ontario, and STORCK HUNGÁRIA KFT. in Budapest.


Axel Oberwelland

Axel Oberwelland becomes Executive Vice President at Storck and takes over worldwide responsibility for the areas of „Marketing and Brands“.


Storck international

Now Storck also has its own team in place in The Czech Republic: STORCK CESKÁ REPUBLIKA, s.r.o. in Prague.


Storck international

Foreign subsidiaries are established in Slovenia and Slovakia: STORCK d.o.o. in Ljubljana and STORCK Slovensko, s.r.o. in Bratislava.


The fourth generation takes over

Axel Oberwelland takes control of Storck, thus bringing the fourth generation of family leadership to the company.

The family-owned and operated company looks back on 100 successful years of company history:
- Three employees grew to 4,500 in of 47 nationalities
- One small production facility expanded into three plants in Germany.
- 200 m² of production space rose to 732.000 m².
- A regional supplier became an international company, whose wonderful brands currently make people in over 100 countries just a little bit happier.

Goldener Zuckerhut
For the second time in the company's history Storck was awarded the German "Golden Sugar Loaf." The first award in 1966 and the following in 2003 show the continuous successful business policy for generations.


Storck – Part of Your World

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, Storck is presenting the new corporate image, the new corporate logo and the new slogan "Storck – Part of Your World." For the first time, Storck is appearing as the signatory on all brand packaging.

This event is being celebrated with various activities in Germany, Austria, Poland and Denmark:
- the 89-second anniversary film on TV;
- appealing in-store presentations of all the brands under the Storck umbrella;
- a six-months anniversary competition for the whole family in a major ad campaign, on the Internet and in stores everywhere.


Sugar free Storck candies

Treat yourself to sweets without the sugar: the three popular Storck candy brands Werther’s Original, Campino and nimm2 are being launched as “Minis sugar-free”. “Minis sugar-free” may be small but they are also delicious.


nimm2 Lachgummi

Now, sour-tasting nimm2 is also available: the successful brand is extending its range with the new nimm2 Lachgummi sour. With all the goodness of nimm2 – packed with vitamins and fun.


nimm2 soft

nimm2 soft – the first chewy candy from nimm2 is being introduced in Austria. The fruity filled chewy candy in four fruity flavours and with vitamins is a unique chewy treat for kids.


New name, new look

As part of a new bag design also gets the name of the little darling a new design: merci Pur became merci Petits. Internationally understood and as "Little moments, pure pleasure" of course, as before they spoil all lovers of fine chocolates in many delicious flavours and with selected quality.


nimm2 Lachgummi yoghurt

All good things come in threes! After Lachgummi and Lachgummi sour, now the first nimm2 Lachgummi yoghurt sweets are available to enjoy and make funny faces with. Fruity, deliciously yoghurty and with vitamins.


Lachgummi Fruit & Yoghurt

The success of nimm2 Lachgummi goes in its fourth round: nimm2 Lachgummi Fruit & Yoghurt is the new double-layered sweet made of delicious fruity nimm2 Lachgummis and light, fluffy yoghurt gums! And as always with nimm2 Lachgummi, they are naturally packed with fruit juice, vitamins and lots of fun!


Werther’s Original

Two new compositions from Werther's Original are now available for you to experience: Werther's Original Eclair – wonderful soft Werther's Original Cream Toffees, filled with deliciously mild chocolate cream.

Werther's Original Creamy Filling – the classic Cream Candy meets a filling of soft caramel cream. This generates new pleasure in the old Werther's Original tradition: made only with the best ingredients, much love and care.


Shinier and brighter

Shinier, brighter, rounder - the new lollies from nimm2, Campino and Schleckies. Enjoy an all-round new taste sensation starting in summer 2008!

nimm2 - fruity and juicy with vitamins

Campino - creamy and light with yoghurt and fruit

Schleckies - merrily tangy with Cola Lemon


The new world of Werther's Original

Werther's Original is now available in three new and indulgent Chocolate Specialties and a softly melting Caramel Specialty. As always, they\’re made with the best ingredients, lots of love and care.

Werther's Original Milk Chocolate
Smooth, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate specialty with a touch of Werther's Original caramel.

Werther's Original Choco Caramel
Smooth, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate specialty with a heart of creamy Werther's Original caramel.

Werther's Original Caramel Mousse
Smooth, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate specialty with a heart of creamy, fluffy Werther's Original caramel.

Werther's Original Caramelts
Smooth, melt-in-your-mouth confection made from Werther’s Original caramel.


nimm2 soft sauer

nimm2 soft sauer is launched. The fruity chewy treat with fruit juice and vitamins comes in four sour flavours!


Werther’s Original

Werther’s Original with a modern twist – now also available with dark cream chocolate. Werther’s Original Chocolate Specialties are joined by two new dark cream flavours. Carefully-selected ingredients and meticulous production methods result in special moments full of warmth and indulgence for all Werther’s Original lovers.

Werther’s Original Dark Chocolates

The irresistible hint of Werther’s Original caramel with dark cream chocolate.

Werther’s Original Caramel Dark

Dark cream chocolate with a heart of silky Werther’s Original caramel.


Storck International

Bendicks LTD becomes Storck UK LTD.



The sales organizations STORCK GMBH & CO. KG and MERCI GMBH & CO. KG are merged with MARKETING GERMANY to form the new STORCK DEUTSCHLAND KG, which as of January 1, 2011 put the necessary structure in place for a more collaborative and better commercialization of our brands in Germany.


Easter and Christmas from the heart

This year, two new merci offers are making Easter and Christmas even more cordial: the merci Easter Bunny and the merci Santa Claus. Lovingly designed, they make giving and decorating a real affair of the heart.

Glittering and delicious

There’s something new for the festive table, too: merci Easter eggs and merci Christmas baubles. Delicious chocolates in different varieties and glittering packaging create a festive mood and invite everyone to dive in and enjoy.


Storck International

STORCK MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA in Dubai and STORCK CROATIA DOO in Zagreb are established.


nimm2 Lachgummi Softies

Since 2012 there is a new nimm2 Lachgummi Softies, with essential vitamins and quite a lot of fruit juice. They are juicy and soft and taste particularly fruity and delicious.
And whether wonderfully fruity, juicy-joghurty or sour - with three new Lachgummi varieties for every taste is catered for.


nimm2 soft Brause

From now on nimm2 soft Brause will surprise you with a sparkly sherbet filling in four yummy flavours: lemon, orange, cherry and apple.


nimm2 Lachgummi Tropical

nimm2 Lachgummi is now also available with tropical flavours. Pineapple, peach-passion fruit and lemon are just three out of six delicious-fruity flavours. And of course, one can still lay funny faces with the fruit gums.


New and crispy:

New products in our range for all those who like it crispy: the delicious new merci Crispy Almond Variety in four deliciously crispy flavours.


merci Finest Easter eggs

Finest merci chocolate in three delicious varieties: praline-creme, hazelnut-creme and hazelnut-almond. The new indulging Easter treat from merci to decorate and enjoy together.


nimm2 Lachgummi Milchbubis

The Milk Buddies are on hand! Four jaunty fruit gum Buddies, irresistibly yummy. With all the goodness of nimm2, fruit juice and vitamins.


nimm2 Lachgummi Apfellinge

Here they are - the new nimm2 Lachgummi Apple Buddies! Fruity-cheeky apple buddies with apple juice and vitamins.