Werther's Original Voted “Top Brand 2015”

Werther’s Original was recognised as the “Top Brand 2015” in the category “caramel candy”.

Werther’s Original was voted as the Top Brand 2015 by the German magazine Lebensmittel Zeitung.


Only hard, verifiable facts were considered in the selection: Has the number of buyers remained constant? Has revenue increased? Has the market share increased? Annually 5,000 product brands from various areas compete. Werther’s Original won in the category for caramel candy. This vote is based on the GfK Consumer Scan consumer panel, which consists of 30,000 households. Additionally, the ratings from 5,000 individual buyers were considered in the selection.


Since 2008, the magazine Lebensmittel Zeitung and the German Society for Consumer Research (GfK) have determined the most successful brands in German commerce each year. Prizes are awarded to the 100 brands displaying the largest increase in market share and revenue with at least a constant number of buyers.