Everybody likes Mamba!
Everybody likes Mamba!
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Fun fruit-flavoured chews

Mamba chews have been popular with children and adults alike for over 70 years. The delicious fruity chew treats are available in a range of tasty varieties, and the practical packs are also great for sharing. What is your favourite flavour?


Mamba stands for fruit-flavoured chewing fun in tasty varieties: Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon or Cherry. The fruit treat that is perfect for sharing and passing around! Each bar contains four individually wrapped packs of six chews.

Mamba Cola & Friends

Mamba Cola & Friends is the tasty combination of cola and fruit flavors. It comes in four tasty varieties: Cola-Orange, Cola-Lemon, Cola-Cherry and Cola-Pineapple.

Mamba Sour

Some like it sweet, and some like it sour! Sour fans will love Mamba Sour. The fruit-flavoured, sour taste experience is available in four tasty varieties: Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon and Orange.

Mamba Tropics

Mamba Tropics is a delicious mix of tropical fruit flavours: Mango-Orange, Pineapple-Coconut, Peach-Passion Fruit, Kiwi-Apple.

60 years of Mamba – the story of an eternally young brand
Over 70 years of Mamba – The success story of the most fanciful and fruitiest chew brand.

Since 2019

And the fun goes on

For 70 years, the chews delivered a brilliant performance only in shape of the classic blocks. But Mamba wouldn't be Mamba if it stopped here! Since 2019, chewing fans in many countries get excited about the new Magic Sticks: They not only come in a playful shape, but also with a changing taste. At the same time, the Mamba Fruit Surfer was launched and performed well through its cool stripe shape.

Since 2012

Limited Editions

In 2012, Mamba Duo and Mamba Magic were launched. The two-fruit varieties and a "magic fruit enchanter" bring a lot of variety into the chewing world. Since 2015, Mamba Tropics instantly beams us to Mamba island with its exotic flavours.

Mamba since 2012: Limited editions


Variety is the spice of life!

Even though the Mamba success story has already lasted for over 60 years, the brand has always remained fresh. Mamba keeps on reinventing itself and always guarantees long-lasting fruity chewing fun with new assortments. In 2007, Mamba Sour was launched, followed by Mamba Cola.

Mamba 2007: Variety is the spice of life!


Mamba goes around the world

For many years now, Mamba chews have also been popular throughout the world, way beyond Germany. Mamba was successfully launched on the US American market in 1986. In the 1990s, it was introduced in other major sales markets such as Poland and Russia. In these countries, Mamba is one of the most popular brands of chewy candy.

Mamba 1986: Mamba discovers the big wide world


The success story of Mamba begins

In 1953, the success story of the Mamba brand starts in Germany. The Mamba bricks come with six yummy chews. Everyone loves Mamba instantly because of its intense fruit flavour and the chewing fun.

Mamba 1953: Mamba launched on the German market