nimm2 – Vitamins and Sweets
nimm2 – Vitamins and Sweets
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Always popular

nimm2 has been popular with children and adults alike since 1962, and is one of Germany's best-known brands of hard candy. The brand family is constantly expanding. Consistent with its main promise: "Vitamins and Sweets", the nimm2 range features happy sweet treats.

nimm2 Limited Editions

Available for a limited period only: Tasty nibbling fun for the whole family with the new limited edition from nimm2!

nimm2 Hard Candy

The fruit-flavoured hard candy from nimm2 are now permanently available in 2 popular varieties. Do you know where the name nimm2 ("Take two") comes from? Each of our varieties is available in two delicious flavours: Orange and Lemon or Currant and Cherry.

nimm2 Smilegummi

nimm2 Smilegummi are fruit gums made with fruit juice and vitamins. They are available in many different tasty varieties and flavours.

nimm2 soft

nimm2 soft are fruit chews with all the best out of of nimm2: fruit juice and vitamins. Each pack contains four different flavours with several delicious fillings; nimm2 soft are also available in other varieties such as "Fizzy" and "+Cola".

nimm2 Lolly

Perfectly shaped. nimm2 Lollies come in four delicious two-fruit varieties and are made with fruit juice and vitamins. The innovative Lollies are unusually smooth and round and enables an extraordinary lolly experience!

"Vitamins and Sweets" – nimm2 meets consumer expectations since 1962. The story of a successful concept.

Still successful today

A wide range of products

Today there are many more varieties today besides the classic fruit-flavoured candies and nimm2 Smilegummi – all with the best of nimm2. Whether nimm2 Soft, nimm2 Lollies or the nimm2 Smilegummis AppleBuddies and Shakies: the range includes something for everyone.


nimm2 Smilegummi Cola Buddies and Fluffies

Cola-funny and super fluffy - Cola Buddies and Fluffies extend the nimm2 Smilegummi family. The two newcomers with six fruity flavours provide even more munching fun for the entire family.


Heard of it?

Never seen before - vegetable juice in Smilegummi! The nimm2 Veggie-family gets two special additions: nimm2 Smilegummi Mümmelbande & Gartenzwerge. For the first time in the history of nimm2 Smilegummi, vegetable juice, fruit juice and vitamins are added to the fruit gum.


nimm2 Red Fruits

Delicious candy fun in two fruity flavours for the whole family: After almost 60 years, there is news from the candy world! After the deliciously filled nimm2 Red Fruits candies were previously available as a limited edition, they are now permanently available in store. With their intense flavour of currant and cherry, they are the perfect addition to the well-known classic from nimm2 and convince as usual with their delicious filling, fruit juice and vitamins.


Veggie nibbling fun

Small but wow: The new vegetarian YoBolde and Millianer, as well as the vegan SauerStars, provide even more varied and delicious nibbling fun.


Super looong & super colourfuuul

Really funny, really tasty: The new variety nimm2 Smilegummi FunFari offers happy nibbling fun in a colourful safari-look. The super-long animal figures around alpaca, giraffe & co are available in three double-fruity flavours - ideal for playing and pulling.


nimm2 soft +Cola

The tasty chewing fun with cola flavour celebrates its comeback, now permanently available!


More veggie-fun

The nimm2 Smilegummi family continues to grow in Germany as of June 2020! Four new vegetarian flavours provides a diverse mix - there is something for everyone. Either as soft dino, colourful monkey-gang, small princess or happy milk party – this is the veggie-fun for the whole family.


nimm2 Smilegummi Frutivity

Vegetarian nibbling fun: nimm2 Smilegummi are now also available in Veggie - and with 20 percent fruit juice! Since April 2019, nimm2 fans can look forward to the vegetarian varieties Red Fruits, Yoghurt and Exotic Fruits with Smilegummi Frutivity.


nimm2 Smilegummi Happies

nimm2 Smilegummi Happies are the little ones for big fun. The small, cheeky Happies are perfect for nibbling - for young and old. They come in six delicious, fruity flavours.


nimm2 Smilegummi Heroes

Real Heroes at hand? Here they are: the nimm2 Smilegummi Heroes! Available in a colorful mix for much nibbling fun and creativity in just one bag! There’s something for everyone inside!


Meet the MilkBuddies!

nimm2 Smilegummi MilkBuddies are fun and cheer you up. The first Smilegummi fruit gums shaped like figures are simply irresistible.

nimm2 2014: Meet the MilkBuddies!


Round and round we go!

nimm2 soft was launched in 2006. The chewy candy with a fruit-flavoured filling with vitamins comes in four tasty varieties and was an immediate success!

nimm2 2006: Round and round we go!


A milestone

The fruit gum success story started in 1996. With nimm2 Smilegummi, Storck launched a fruit gum with fruit juice and vitamins. An absolute milestone and a bestseller to this day!

nimm2 1996: Ein Meilenstein


Wise words

"If your child loves nothing better in the world than candy, and you love nothing better in the world than your child, give them nimm2." This TV commercial slogan played no small part in nimm2's amazing success.

nimm2 1980: Wise words


Spectacular innovation

It all began in 1962 with nimm2 fruit candy, which had originally vitamins and a tasty fruit filling. Ever since, the slogan "Vitamins and Sweets" has stood for the successful, unique concept behind this well-established Storck brand - combining a sweet treat with the goodness of nimm2.

nimm2 1962: Spektacular innovation