– the tasty in-between snack
– the tasty in-between snack
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The tasty in-between snack

Ever since Knoppers was launched in 1983, the milk-hazelnut wafer has been very popular: crispy baked wafers, delicious milk cream filling, and a tasty hazelnut spread perfected by crunchy pieces of roasted hazelnuts. Whether at work, at school or whilst on the road – take a relaxing break with a crunchy, yummy Knoppers – and sweeten the rest of your day.


Mornings at half past nine you can allow yourself a break with Knoppers. Time to relax and enjoy the moment. Knoppers is the tasty pick-me-up snack for in between.

Knoppers Bars

Enjoy your afternoon break with Knoppers NutBars. Whether it's our NutBar, PeanutBar, CoconutBar or NutBar Dark – take a relaxing break with our delicious Knoppers Bars to get you through the afternoon with a spring in your step.

Half past nine in the morning in Germany – and in more than 40 other countries: the Knoppers success story.


What started as a limited edition ...

... is now permanently available: The popular flavours Knoppers Black & White and Knoppers Peanut. They are joined by the brand new Knoppers Yoghurt. The delicious snack trio offers something for every taste - perfect for the typical Knoppers moments!


New products are launched: Knoppers PeanutBar und Knoppers CoconutBar

Good things come in threes. In March 2020, the successful Knoppers NutBar was joined by two new products. The new PeanutBar with peanut spread and crunchy peanuts and the CoconutBar with delicious, creamy coconut spread and delicate coconut flakes offer even more variety for snack time.


Knoppers Black & White – the autumn edition

In autumn 2019, Knoppers introduces the limited-edition Knoppers Black & White. The well-known Knoppers ingredients are combined with delicious crispy biscuit pieces and dark cocoa wafers.


Knoppers Coconut – the Summer Edition by Knoppers

After the limited edition Knoppers Strawberry Yoghurt, Knoppers is adding a summer variety to their portfolio in 2018. The Knoppers Summer Edition combines the paradisaically delicious taste of coconut with the classical Knoppers ingredients.

Knoppers Coconut


The new Knoppers NutBar – the first bar in true Knoppers style

New tasty additions to the Knoppers family. Since August 2017, the first snack bar in true Knoppers style is available - a refreshing pick-me-up to sweeten your afternoon. The new Knoppers NutBar combines the popular Knoppers flavour with an extra portion of hazelnuts, chocolate and caramel.


Knoppers Strawberry Yoghurt: the ideal in-between snack for the summer

For the first time since the product was launched in 1983, the product range is extended by a limited edition: Knoppers Strawberry Yoghurt. The fruity, refreshing taste of strawberries and yoghurt, combined with the classical Knoppers ingredients, creates summery moments of pure enjoyment!

Knoppers 2015: The ideal in-between snack for the summer: Knoppers Strawberry Yoghurt


30 years of Knoppers – worldwide success

Knoppers has been around for 30 years and is also becoming increasingly popular internationally. The tasty milk–hazelnut wafer is now available in more than 40 countries.
In addition, "Knoppers minis", a smaller version in a bag for sharing and offering, was launched in 2004.

Knoppers 2013: 30 years of Knoppers - worldwide success


Knoppers conquers Germany

Knoppers – the crispy, tasty milk-hazelnut wafer, was created in 1983. Shortly afterwards, the catchy slogan "Half past nine in the morning all over Germany..." helped to make Knoppers extremely popular.

Knoppers 1983: Knoppers conquers Germany