Working for Storck in Logistics

When you look at a supermarket shelf full of Toffifee and nimm2 Lachgummi, you see the complex supply chains involved in getting them there? You know exactly how much logistics expertise our products take, and are aware of the respective organisational skills. You consider Storck's global supply chain an exciting challenge? Then we can offer you a responsible position in our Logistics team.

All in all, around 600 people work hard on our logistics to make sure that our products are dispatched from our factories to all over Germany and the rest of the world. However, even before the products leave our factories, our logistics staff ensure that all of the raw materials needed to produce them are on hand; they are also responsible for personnel and production planning, production management, and much more. Storck's logistics operations are globally connected. That is why our logistics staff speak many languages and have a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

The Storck Logistics department is based at Halle (Westphalia), and manages the international customer orders for all three production sites centrally from there. Our biggest central warehouse, with space for 90,000 euro pallets, is also in Halle. Both the Berlin and the Ohrdruf locations also each have a Production Management department; Ohrdruf is also home to another logistics centre, and Berlin has an internal logistics centre.

The supply chain involves many different occupations: from production management professionals to production planners, and also transport and warehouse management experts. We also employ many people in our logistics centres that are responsible for packing and shipping. All of them guarantee one thing above all: our outstanding efficiency, and the prompt dispatch of our products.

Sounds interesting? Would you like to join Storck to contribute your logistics expertise?

Personal Account

Sabine Schöning, Team Leader Finished Goods Dispatch (Logistics) in Halle (Westphalia) Germany

"I joined Storck in 1984 as an apprentice. Right from the start, I was given opportunities for further personal and professional development. I am now a team leader in the Finished Goods Dispositioning department.

The day-to-day challenges handled by my team include ensuring that the national and international customer orders are dispatched on time whilst also always keeping product freshness and the stock situation in mind. We are in constant contact with our colleagues in the international affiliates in various countries to jointly assess the current sales situation for each of the many different Storck products, and to then act accordingly.

This involves more than just short-term aspects; we also produce long-term analyses and must be able to recognise trends in demand early.

Through the contact and regular dialogue with the colleagues in the Production Management department, I am also familiar with the production processes. Together with my colleagues in the other logistics areas, I even become involved in marketing projects. One of the things I enjoy most is the sampling of newly developed products!

What I like about my job in logistics is the internationality and the variety. We move in the wide field between fast and efficient solutions to urgent practical problems, and the production of statistics and evaluations for analysis and forecasting purposes.

I appreciate the good, constructive cooperation with so many of my colleagues, and the collaboration with the various internal and general logistics areas in response to all sorts of different developments. I also enjoy meeting the needs of the wholesalers and retailers, our customers and our business partners."