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Does Knoppers contain ingredients of animal origin?

The only ingredients of animal origin we use to produce Knoppers are dairy products.

Do Knoppers contain alcohol?

We do not use alcohol as an ingredient. According to the current recipe, we can also safely state that none of the ingredients contain any alcohol.

Which side of Knoppers is the top and which is the bottom?

It depends on how you look at it; Knoppers basically have two good sides: either could be the considered "the best".

When Knoppers come off the production line, the chocolate side is on the bottom as a result of the sequence of the individual production steps. When the Knoppers are almost finished they are coated with chocolate on one side.

How can I separate the Knoppers in a multipack from each other?

The Knoppers in a multipack are really easy to separate: the pack has been perforated between each Knoppers for precisely this purpose. Simply follow the perforated line with your fingernail or a sharp object and you will have a single Knoppers in your hand to enjoy.


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