August Storck KG (Storck) provides the user with online access to the STORCK MEDIA CENTER (SMC) from Storck in order to search for and download image, video and text files in accordance with these Terms of Use. By using the SMC, the user acknowledg-es and agrees to these Terms of Use. No other terms shall apply, even if Storck does not explicitly oppose them. Storck reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use at any time and to make further use of the SMC contingent upon acceptance of the amended Terms of Use.
1. User

Access is granted to employees of Storck as well as individual employees of certain external partners (such as distributors, distribution partners) to whom Storck grants access.

2. Type and Scope of Use; purpose

The User may use the SMC exclusively for the purposes of Storck, or for the joint purposes of Storck and the User. The external User may download and use the files for the sole purpose of advertising and/or marketing activities of the external partner, such as leaflets and other advertising materials, online offers for the sweets produced by Storck. Storck’s internal users (Storck employees) must only use the files for business purposes. Storck shall grant the User access authorisation to search for and download image, video and text files. The User is solely entitled to download those image, video or text files that are actually required for the above-mentioned purposes (use in advertising and/or marketing activities or business purposes). In principle, the granting of rights is unlimited in terms of space and time and includes, in particular, the right to reproduce, distribute, or exhibit content as well as the right to make this content available to the public. Processing of the image, video or text files by the User is only permitted to the extent required for the respective purpose (e.g. customisation of a leaflet template by the individual distributor).

3. Access / Handling of login data

The User is assigned a password. User ID (name, email address) and password must be kept separately by the User and kept strictly confidential. Login details will be sent only to those Storck employees and employees of external partners who require the files provided in the SMC for the above-mentioned purposes. If use of the SMC by unauthorised third parties is made possible as a result of the culpable conduct of the User, the User shall be liable for any resulting damages incurred by Storck. If the User knows or has reason to suspect that third parties may know his/her password, Stock must be informed immediately. Storck shall thereupon assign the User a new password and disable the previous password. Users can terminate their access at any time and for any reason. Sending an email to the address that the User provided during the registration process is sufficient to terminate access. Access authorisation does not apply if the external user is no longer working for the external partner. In this case, the access must be immediately deleted. The same applies if a Storck employee no longer works for Storck. External users of the SMC are automatically deleted after one year of inactivity.

4. Additional conditions

Further details and/or restrictions may be attached to each image, video or text file. These details and/or restrictions are an integral component of these Terms of Use. The User agrees also to comply with these additional conditions.

5. Liability for content / technical defects

Storck has itself compiled the contents of the SMC and in so doing has exercised the greatest possible care. However, it is possible that individual files may be incorrect or incomplete. Storck shall not be liable for any damages resulting from said errors, nor for the usability of the downloaded files for the User within the scope of the above-mentioned purposes, except in cases where Storck can be accused of intent or gross negligence. This limitation of liability also applies to technical defects of the SMC.

6. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

The place of jurisdiction is Berlin. The applicable law is German law.


Last change on: 2020-05-07